what I can do for you

E-Commerce Development
based on Magento Platform
  • template integration and customization
  • custom extension (module) development
  • data import/export; advanced profiles; product feeds
Custom Web Applications
based on ExtJS/jQuery (front-end) and Symfony/Silex/Zend Framework + Doctrine ORM (back-end)
  • Equipment Monitoring, Rentals, Product Catalogs, etc.
Web Services, API Integration
  • TripHomes, FreshBooks, Oracle Siebel CRM on Demand, etc.


Need an experienced web developer?

+6 years experience with LAMP platform

Contact me at info@pandawebstudio.com.



My name is Anda Bardeanu anda bardeanu and this is my
personal website

I've been working as a freelance web programmer for over 6 years; most of my projects are subcontracted - usually Magento custom modules or web applications based on ExtJS.

I have over 4 years experience with Magento - my first Magento project was in done in May, 2008 (3 months after the first stable release); I've done over 25 magento custom modules/extension.

I currently live in Amsterdam, Netherlands - I moved to Netherlands in October 2009; I know a bit of Dutch, I'm still learning the language.

My specialties are:
  • making custom modules (extensions), data import/export (products, customers, orders, etc.) scripts, (SOAP) integration with various web services (logistics, crm, financial, etc.) for Magento Platform; migrating from osCommerce to Magento (including custom options, custom attributes, product relations)
  • developing (rich) web applications using ExtJS library/jQuery/Backbone.js and Symfony/Silex
  • Web Services- APIs Integration (SOAP, REST, XML-RPC)

My Skills

Area of expertise: Web Development - LAMP stack (6 years +)

Summary of Skills

  • object oriented programming
  • ability to work with third party code (customization, extension development), including open source solution for:
  • web services (api) development and integration

Main Technical Skills

  • Programming Languages:
    • PHP5 (OOP); MVC frameworks used: Symfony/Zend Framework/Silex; Automated Testing: PHPUnit, Selenium; ORM: Doctrine; Template Engine: Twig
    • JavaScript - advanced: AJAX - JSON, closures, prototype inheritance, event-driven programming; libraries: jQuery, ExtJS, Prototype. Backbone.js
    • familiar with python
  • DBMS:
    • Relational: MySQL, SQLite
    • Document-Based: CouchDB
  • Web Services, APIs
    Some of the web services I've used:
    • Oracle Siebel CRM on Demand, Paypal, iDEAL (Buckaroo/Ogone/Adyen), MailPlus, AfterPay, GoogleBase, Authorize.net, Google Checkout
  • Markup/Stylesheet Languages:
    • XML (including XPath, XML Schema; DOM, SAX)
    • (X)HTML
    • CSS
  • Development Platform, Tools:
    • OS: Linux (Ubuntu; incl. bash shell scripting)
    • Version Control: Git, SVN
    • Automated Testing : PHPUnit, Selenium
    • Build tool: ant

My Interests

  • GIS
  • 2D computer Graphics (d3.js, raphael.js)
  • Linux and Amazon EC2
  • Python (Django and Flask)
Reading List (books):