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E-Commerce Development
based on Magento Platform
  • template integration and customization
  • custom extension (module) development
  • data import/export; advanced profiles; product feeds
Custom Web Applications
based on ExtJS/jQuery (front-end) and Symfony/Silex/Zend Framework + Doctrine ORM (back-end)
  • Equipment Monitoring, Rentals, Product Catalogs, etc.
Web Services, API Integration
  • TripHomes, FreshBooks, Oracle Siebel CRM on Demand, etc.


Need a magento extension?

+2 years experience with Magento, over 25 extension written. Contact me at info@pandawebstudio.com.




Magento based Online Store that sells Korean FMCG (eg: food, soft drinks, cleaning products, etc.)
Several custom modules built: home-delivery shipping method with days/hours and zones configuration, Korean movies section with video streaming, guestbook.

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Magento , E-Commerce , Online Store , Magento Online Shop .
Services provided for the project:
  • store set-up (installation, configuration: shipping, tax, payment, installing extensions)
  • template integration and customization (css&html coding; magento xml layout config)
  • custom module development
    • Home-delivery shipping method with days/hours and zones configuration
    • Password Protected Korean movies section with video streaming
    • Guestbook
    • Order Product picking list
  • customizations of third-party extension
    • Inchoo FeaturedProducts - added product image and ability to filter by category
    • Actualidad - added ability to add news in different stores
  • custom advanced profile to update the products stocks. The original Magento profile overwrite the product stocks, the customer needed a profile that adds the stocks (existent stock + stock in csv file)
  • customizations to pdf invoices (support korean font + layout changes)

Link: www.homemart.nl

Note: On Windows OS you need the Korean language pack to view the site's fonts properly. Although the site supports several languages (Dutch, English, Japanese, Korean) the products are all in Korean.

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Category Page
Displays the top 5 products (featured products) from each subcategory
Category Page
Subcategory Page
Two sections: top 5 products and subcategory products
Subcategory Page
Checkout - home-delivery shipping method
The home-delivery shipping options depends on the customer shipping address - zipcode. For each week day there are several delivery hours available. The maximal number of slots/interval, the available shipping zones and the available week day/hours/zone are configured from admin
Checkout - home-delivery shipping method
Admin Area - home-delivery shipping configuration
The administrator has to upload two csv files, one for delivery zones and one for delivery week day/hour/zone. The administrator can also set the number of slots available for each interval
Admin Area - Order Product Picking List
The administrator can select several orders and create a pdf product picking list with the following columns: Brand, Product, Unit Quantity, Qty, Customer Name. The products in the pdf file are sorted by category.
Front - Movies and Dramas Section - Movie Files Page
Front - Movies and Dramas Section - Movie Files Page
Admin Movies and Dramas Section
Admin Movies and Dramas Section
Admin Movies and Dramas Section - Manage Categories
Inline Add/Edit Movies Categories.
Admin Movies and Dramas Section - Manage Categories
Admin - Featured Products Customization
I've added two new columns to Inchoo FeaturedProducts extension: product image and product category
Admin - Featured Products Customization
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